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How do I use the Curl Band?

The Heatless Curls Kit includes 1x hairclip, 2x scrunchies and 1x Curl Band. You will get the best results with damp hair. Another option is to use a hydrating spray

Step 1: Attach your Curl Band to the top of your head using the hairclip.

Step 2: Twist your hair around the Curl Band. Take a little hair at a time. You finish with your scrunchies. This process should only take 4-5 minutes.

Step 3: Waiting game. Wait for 4-6 hours and then take out your Curl Band. You can also sleep with it overnight - the results will be the same.

Why should I choose a heatless option over a curling iron?

The more heat you expose your hair to, the more likely it is to break and become dry. When using the Curl Band, you do not damage your hair as it is not heat exposed. Therefore, if you want healthy and shiny hair, choose a heatless solution.

How long will my heatless curls last?

It depends a lot on your hair structure. The more often you use the Curl Band the more your hair gets used to it. This means that the curls will last longer and longer. Usually, the curls will last half to a full day.  

How long will the Curl Band last?

The Curl Band should last for a while. Of course, if you use it a lot, at some point it will start to look overused and then it's probably time for a renewal.

Is it comfortable to sleep with the Curl Band?

Yes, it is. The Curl Band is made of a soft material and it will not affect your beauty sleep.

I slept with the Curl Band in my hair and I did not really see any result. What do I do?

It depends a lot on the hair structure whether the hair curls a lot. Common is, that the more you use your Curl Band, the more receptive the hair becomes. Another reason may be that the hair has not been damp enough when it was twisted around the Curl Band.

Where are your Heatless Hair items designed?

All of our products are designed in Denmark.

Do you offer international shipping?

We ship to alle European countries.

When will my order be ready for shipment? 

Denmark: 1-3 business days
Rest of Europe: 3-6 business days

Can I cancel my order?

Yes - Please contact us here

What is your return policy? 

We give 30 days full return policy. Read more.

What should I do, if my product arrives damaged?

Contact us immediately at:

Your question hasn’t been answered? 

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